Posie’s pilates classes have been one of my very best discoveries. I am a writer, which means hours of sitting everyday along with the inevitable bad back and hunched shoulders. I wanted a remedy for this so tried pilates. The classes have been superb. I now feel stronger, stand straighter and I’ve also used the movements we’ve learnt in class not only to improve my physical well being but also as a way of relaxing and concentrating my mind before events and media appearances. It really, really works and I completely recommend it.
— Peter, Author, West Kensington

Posie is fantastic - she listens to me and we adjust each session according to how my body is. We started very slowly and carefully added layers to the sessions - I could feel an improvement in strength within the first few sessions and I have not suffered any flare ups in pain, which is fantastic and something that always happened after other forms of exercise.
— Emelia, Fulham

I will never be grateful enough to Posie.
Her professional and engaging Pilates sessions relieved me from chronic back pain, made my body stronger and healthier. Posie turned my Monday nights into something to truly look forward to - and to truly cherish in my wellbeing routines. Thank you Posie!
— Raffaella - West Kensington

Posie is quite simply one of the very best Pilates teacher’s I have ever had – and there have been several over the past 30 years! After a long gap, she was recommended to me a year ago and I love our regular private sessions – because of her professionalism, attention to detail in monitoring how I move every muscle and her sunny personality. I have seen a big improvement in my core strength and flexibility – and she always make me feel better! I’m now going to try some of her classes as well.
— Valerie, Fulham

Posie is a terrific teacher - highly recommended as well as being extremely charming! I have improved my strength and fitness over the past year or so.
— Sarah, Chiswick

I really enjoy my classes with Posie. She is very serious, demanding and dedicated instructor. We all get her personal attention.
Her classes are great fun!
— Vicky, Fulham

Posie is a lovely Pilates instructor ... she is kind and encouraging as well as gently firm making the student (me) work. I have already recommended her to various family members who are equally thrilled.
— Selina, Westminster